Lets Get Growing

Have you ever dabbled in growing a garden?  Maybe you’re already well skilled at it. Every spring I dig in with enthusiasm. “Let’s get growing!” As much as I’ve intended to be a gardener, planting, weeding and starting a garden almost every spring for most of my life, I fail.  I lose interest and persistence.

I have the knowledge of a child when it comes to growing anything in the soil.  I do love to get my hands into the dirt. Planning the beds, planting the seeds, organic methods, all sorts of best intentions, but I fail.  Tomatoes and peppers look great in June, setting leaves, and blossoms, but they never produce any fruit.  I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but a single green bell pepper the size of golf ball just doesn’t cut it.

I would love to be able to harvest and process from my own garden.  I will dehydrate, and freeze much of my harvest, but I need to learn more canning.  Is a pressure cooker necessary? Will I need a pressure cooker, or a water bath pot for this purpose?

Come along, bring your coffee, sit and chat with me while I garden.

We have some growing to do.  Let’s get growing!