The Change, Menopause.

Why don’t they tell us this stuff about menopause. What are your peri-menopause symptoms, and how are you coping with them? No Doctors seem to discuss this openly.  Truth be told, male doctors only have second hand accounts and book studies about it.  None have experienced it for themselves.  Some may have wives, sisters and mothers who’ve gone through it, but it’s not their own struggle.

I will openly share mine. Come join me.

I’m no professional, but I am very aware of the things that go on in my body. Although I wish I could stop it, just like you, I can only go through it, cope, and adapt. On the plus side, no more Aunt Flow.

I just turned 50 a few months ago. I have a friend who groans about how she felt so much older as soon as she turned 40. Well, mine finally caught up. It seems like my 49th year was THE turning point.

I was in denial.  The fact that I was having night sweats was a shock.  I knew nothing about it. I was only 44. I hadn’t begun any other symptoms yet.  I only had one flush per month of “what is this feeling like I just ate a pile of buffalo wings” One day a month, I had one single hot flash, and 2 days later I would get my period. I found out about the night sweats when I had spent the night at my dates house for the first time.  He told me about it in the morning.  I had slept so well, I had no idea.

Have you had night sweats?  What was you first sign that you might be beginning the change? At what age?

Feel free to comment below.  An open dialogue is how we are going to bring awareness and openness for the women coming up behind us.