Why Change Jobs?

What has lead me here, and why do I want to change jobs? I’ve got a handful of reasons. Wages, pride, physical environment, work schedule, many reasons.  I will go over them all in my blog, and invite you to tag along as I make significant movements in a new direction.

I was never encouraged to go further in school.  Throughout my adult life I have been interested in it a few times, but the timing of life never supported it.  Now, I have a team of encouragement. I have raised my kids, and I have grown weary of the 3 minute drill that is spent with customers in a grocery check out line. Have you ever considered how much a grocery cashier lifts in a day? Let’s do the math.  If I serve 250 customers per shift, and each customer buys just 7 bags of groceries, and each bag weighs only 7 pounds.  250 x (7 x 7)=  250 x 49 (let’s make that 50 for variance and ease of math.)  Are you ready for it?  250 x 50= 12,500 pounds.  I move 12,500 POUNDS of groceries every day. Of course some customers buy less, but some customers buy a lot more.  Don’t forget to add in the cases of pop and water, or the bags of potatoes.  It all adds up fast, and so does the muscle and joint pain.  Repetitive strain injury is a real thing.

I have a few medical conditions that compromise my comfort level.  It is time for me to work with my brain, not my body.

I’ve been gifted with a good mind.  I’ve also been gifted with a kind forgiving and patient soul. I am not cut out for the cut throat driven markets out there. These things combined make a career path is tricky for me to navigate. But navigate it I will.

The process has begun.  I have been considering my direction. I have created the words that have become my mantra. I have stepped inside a Community Employment Resource Center asking for assistance. The first thing they asked me,  “Why Change Jobs?”

Wish me luck.  Join my journey.

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